My favourite food in Athens


There are some food you don’t like and some you love.

But you must love souvlaki!

It is absolutely fab! The kebab is juicy and the chips inside are crunchy as hell! Yummy! It is also very healthy because it has salad inside. You can get different sorts of meat eg pork, lamb or chicken. They have a traditional sauce that they put in souvlaki or on a plate to eat with other dishes.


One day we went to Stani’s.

This is a nice and yummy desert that children might like! At the end of the table of this picture there is a yogurt with honey and nuts. The yogurt is nice and creamy and when you add the honey it gives it a sweet taste! Next to the yogurt is a traditional Greek Galaktoboureko (Greek custard pie with syrup).My mum really loved this one. Beside that is a cold cinnamon rice pudding but it’s not any normal rice pudding, it has a  lovely soft texture that you won’t be able to get enough of.



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